What is weatherization?

Green Zone is a residential and commercial energy reduction and weatherization contracting company.
We specialize in diagnosing energy inefficiencies and providing solutions that offer cost savings and reduced energy use.

Being a "Performance Contracting" company, we can provide measured energy savings and efficiency. Based on our systematic approach to every project our customers know what their return on investment will be as well as how long the payback period may take.

Green Zone coordinates HVAC, building and weatherization, and energy efficiency training and experience to provide the most efficient and cost-effective weatherization and energy efficiency solutions available today. Green Zone uses the latest technology in its evaluations including infrared, endoscopic, blower door, duct blasting, moisture testing technology, and combustion safety equipment.

Making your home more energy-efficient can save you money while helping save the environment. There are a variety of financial incentives and programs that can help with the cost
of these improvements and we will help you determine the ones for which you qualify.

The savings from doing the right thing may even be enough to pay for the improvements.

We conduct home energy audits to measure your potential savings. When our work is done, we conduct a second audit to be absolutely sure that nothing was missed and that your targeted energy savings were achieved. Call us today to schedule an energy audit and let's see where we can help you not only save money, but also have a healthy home.